Scanning your repository

Prerequisite You registered in Corgea

Prerequisite You have completed a scan

Prerequisite You have installed the Corgea Github app

Depending on the size of the results in the scan, it may take sometime for results to show up. For a couple of hundred findings, it should take 10 mins.

Go to scanning to learn more.


Select an Issue

  • Go to the issues page.
  • Click on an issue that has a fix that is ready you’d like to resolve.

Review the fix

We recommend to review if the fix is appropriate for the issue because these are AI generated. We are contiously working on making sure fixes are good.

Tips on how to review a fix:

  • Look at the issue and the AI-generated fix explanation.
  • Look at the code diff generated.
  • Are there any syntax issues?
  • Is the fix appropriate for the issue generally?
  • Is the change importing a new library, and are we ok with that?
  • Does the fix affect any downstream issues?

Optionally: Vote on the fix

Leave a review on a fix!
If the fix is good or bad, please leave a vote, and ideally a comment. We review your feedback and use it to make Corgea better, so we greatly appreciate them.


Generate Pull-request

If the fix seems appropriate, click on the “Generate Pull-request” button.

Corgea will automatically issue a pull-request with a description of the issue, and a description of the fix. It will tag the last committer to the file as a reviewer