The Corgea CLI is a command-line interface that allows users to upload vulnerability data and code snippets to Corgea for fixing. It provides a convenient way to interact with the Corgea platform and streamline the process of identifying and resolving vulnerabilities in software projects.

Install with PIP

To install the Corgea CLI tool, you can use Python’s package installer, pip. Open your terminal and run the following command:

pip install corgea-cli

This command fetches the Corgea CLI package from PyPI (Python Package Index) and installs it on your system. You can find more details about the package on its PyPI page:

Install Manually

curl -L -o && unzip
chmod +x corgea
sudo mv corgea /usr/local/bin

Login With The CLI

You can copy your Corgea token from the app.

corgea login <YOUR CORGEA TOKEN>

Point To A Single-Tenant Instance

Customers using a single-tenant instance need to have the CLI point to their instance.

export CORGEA_URL="https://<<Your Instance>>"